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Geoeconomic Forum, Association for the World Economic Development Studies.
The Geoeconomic Forum is Croatian think tank specialized for the issues of foreign policy and processes of integration in South-East Europe.

We live in integration times

Since we live in integration times Geoeconomic forum(GEOFO) considers important to provide and spread of knowledge about processes of integration and foreign policies which have power to affect the Republic of Croatia, and every day life of its citizens, South East Europe, Europe and the World.

The Forum encourages that kind of Croatian economic culture that gives the advantage to the social solidarity.

Geoeconomic forum is dedicated to being a resource to help people better understand  South East Europe, Europe, the World and the foreign policy structural and political  choices facing Croatia and the Region.There is a real lack of konwledge about these things international, and purposes  of Croatia's diplomacy.

 Geoeconomic forum is oriented to quality, independence,  and impact. Activities, the analysis and recommendations of GEOFO' s experts  absolutley reflect its commitment.

Geoeconomic forum member of Silk Road Think Tank Network (SiLKS)

The Silk Road Think Tank Network (SILKS) was launched during the 2015 Silk Road Forum held on October 28th and 29th, 2015, in Madrid. The Network includes more than 40 other think-tanks and international organizations.

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Jasna Plevnik’s kickoff speech at the Conference “16+1 Cooperation” and its Prospect

ZAGREB – April 8, 2019 – The President of the Geoeconomic Forum (GEOFO) Jasna Plevnik delivered kickoff speech on the attractiveness of “16 plus 1” cooperation for Croatia. Organized by the 6+1 Think Tanks Network, Institute of European Studies CASS and Zagreb University of Economics and Management, the Conference, entitled "16+1 Cooperation’ and its Prospect”, was held on the occasion of the visit of President of the State Council of the People's Republic of China Li Keqiang and the 8th Summit of China and Central and Eastern European Countries ("16 plus 1").  The debate also featured Huang Ping, the Director General of  Institute of European Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences(CASS) and visiting professor at the Johns Hopkins University, Oxford University, Duke University, and I-House, Japan. The Conference was  moderated by Dr. Zvonimir Stopi, Center for Study of Civilizations  Capital Normal University, Beijing.    


Vice President Jasna Plevnik attends flagship Silk Road Forum in Paris

PARIS, 7 December 2018 – The 2018 Silk Road Forum took place in Paris with opening speech of Chinese Vice Premier Hu Chunhua to an invitation-only audience of political, business, and think-tank leaders from the world.

The Geoeocnomic forum Croatia has attended The Silk Road Forum since 2015 when Silk Road Forum was held in Madrid, Spain and the first-of-its-kind Silk Road Think Tank Network (SiLKS) was launched during the 2015 Silk Road Forum.

The four plenary sessions were held in one day, focused on  the Belt and Road(BRI) and Open World Economy; BRI and Green, Low–Carbon Development¸ BRI and the New Round of Technological Revolution and BRI and Inclusive Development. The Parisian Forum brought together more of 50 high-level speakers from business, think tanks and foreign affairs.

The Silk Road Forum 2018 was co-founded and co-organized by the Development Research Center of the State Council of China (DRC) and the Center for International Relations and Sustainable Development, with the support of China’s Foreign Ministry. The co-organizers also included the OECD’s Development Centre and the UN industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

Vice President Jasna Plevnik attends 2018 Silk Road Business Summit in Zhangjiajie

On 16  October 2018,  GEOFO Vice President Jasna Plevnik visited China and attended the prestigious annual Silk Road Business Summit, organized by the Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce (SRCIC in partnership with  leadership of Hunan Province, and the government of city Zhangjiajie  and China Chamber of International Commerce, China Association for Friendship, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Hunan sub-council.

The opening remarks were delivered by the first man of SRCIC and the founder and CEO of DTXS Investment Lu Jianzhong, Foremer President of Croatia (2000-2010) Stjepan Mesi , He Baoxiang, Deputy of Governor of the Hunan Province and President of Two Chambers of Commerce Zhang Wei, whose wide-ranging speeches  outlined  vision of the world  that serves to development of all countries. That is what leaders of Hunan Province, Zhangjiajie city and the Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce meant when have been talked on “new beautiful cooperation”.

Research and opinion

Dr. Jasna Plevnik for CGTN: BRI gives Southeastern Europe a feeling of a better future



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Opinion 23:15, 18-Jul-2019



BRI gives Southeastern Europe a feeling of a better future


Jasna Plevnik

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GEOFO, association for world economic development studies, specialized for the issues of economic globalisation in Croatia and South-East Europe expresses its orientation through the interconnection of interests of economy, diplomacy and national security.

GEOFO advocates for the domination of economic function in foreign policy of the country, but its every conference considers important to encourage the kind of Croatian economic culture that gives the advantage to the social solidarity in relation to unlimited freedom of profit.

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